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Dental phobia

Dental fearFear or discomfort when going to the dentist is very common for almost 75% of world’s population. Patients suffering from any of the fears mostly feel alone in their fear and do not like to talk about it. Avoiding to talk about fears makes them even scarier and greater.

Dental phobia is even greater problem than dental fear, because the patient experiences panic attacs at the thought of going to the dentist. Patients suffering from this phobia are very aware that their fear is totally irrational, but don't know how to deal with it. They would do anything just to avoid going to the dentist's, and when they finally do, it is mostly because of unbearable toothache.

More than 75% of adults in the world suffer from some sort of dental fear. Tell us about your fears and we will help you overcome them!

Cause of fear varies, but is mostly based on a previous bad experience at the dentist’s. The younger the patient the greater the risk that the fear will emerge, and children are at greatest risk. Dental fear is often caused by parents intimidating their children with going to the dentist’s as a disciplinary tactic.

According to comprehensive international researches and studies, we reached daunting data:

  • more than 75% of patients feels discomfort or fear when visiting the dentist
  • almost 10% of adults have developed a strong fear or dental phobia
  • around 25% of people had a bad first experience at the dentist’s
  • more than 15% of children suffer from dental fear because their parents intimidate them

A phobia is a serious condition and it's very hard to determine its cause. Its symptoms are very strong, and mostly are:

  • sickness
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • shivering
  • crying outbursts
  • hysteria

These symptoms can be induced by a mere thought of going to the dentist’s, regardless if the patient is still at home, on his way to the dentist’s or at the dentist’s office.

Dental fear can be successfully treatedWhen a patient notices one of these symptoms, it is very important to seek help from family and experts as soon as possible. Dental fear can be successfully treated if the patient is willing to face it. There are numerous experts specialized in overcoming dental fear and phobia.

During the first visit, counseling and consultation with the patient is done in a room without any medical equipment or unpleasant sounds. In a comprehensive conversation with the patient our experts will identify fears and the moment when they developed. Based on the obtained data they try to determine which dental procedure would be tolerable for the patient without him/her feeling any fear. This is the first and the most important step in the treatment.

Our team will suggest the therapy after the ice-breaking conversation and familiarizing and we will start the treatment only if the patient agrees with our proposals. The patient should at this point feel confident with the dentist.

If you want to find out more about dental fear, how it develops, how we treat it as well as numerous other answers to different questions, you can find them in our knowledge base on the link below the text.

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