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Dental x-ray

Dental x-ray or orthopantomogramA human being with completely developed teeth has 32 teeth in total. Each tooth consists of the visible and the hidden part. The visible part of the tooth is the dental crown, and the hidden, invisible, part is the tooth root located deep in the jawbone.

When it comes to health problems within the tooth or the root, the only way for the dentist to get an insight into the problem is using advanced dental equipment.

Regardless if we talk about finding the cause of the pain or preventive treatment, quality diagnostics is not possible without modern dentist equipment.

Dental x-ray or orthopantomogram is a device that makes radiographic images of both jaws with all the teeth visible. When the dentist has an x-ray image in front of him, he can easily detect where the problem is and make a preliminary diagnosis. Although the radiographic image does not always show everything, it helps dentists in detecting the problem and preventing it.

Making a digital orthopantomogram is very easy and it lasts only a few seconds. Only high-quality equipped dental clinics have the technology to make digital x-rays. Such modern dentistry devices have a very low level of radiation and do not present any danger to patient’s health nor to the technicians handling it.

Digital orthopantomogramAfter the digital orthopantomogram is made, it is loaded to the PC. The images can be edited digitally, zoomed in or rotated. Thanks to those features it is much easier to see any eventual problems. Besides, the image can be saved to any of the portable medium for data storage like USB-flash memory, a CD or a DVD and the patient can take his copy home. It allows us to make a backup copy, it cannot be damaged and is always available.

After every bigger procedure on patient’s teeth it is advisable to make a new image in order to have the most current image of the patient’s jaws and teeth in the archive.

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