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Dental x-ray - questions and answers

Dental x-ray or orthopantomogram is a digital image of all the hard tissues of the chewing apparatus. It shows both of the patient's jaws and all the teeth including tooth roots, not visible to the naked eye.

Dental x-ray has minimal radiation, which is not harmful for the patient nor the technicians handling the device.

The digital image of the jaw or orthopantomogram is essential for the dentist to see the parts of the dental apparatus not visible to the naked eye, like the tooth root and jawbones.

Dental x-ray should be taken after every bigger dental procedure. The dentist will estimate whether the new x-ray is necessary and inform the patient timely.

Dental x-ray can be done in every better equipped dental office with up-to-date dental equipment necessary for it, like digital orthopantomogram.

Making of orthopantomogram doesn't last long and the image is ready instantly. The technician handling the device will put you in an upright position and after a few seconds of standing still, the digital image is done.

Making the dental x-ray images does not hurt at all nor is it uncomfortable.

Dental x-ray is a digital image and can be stored on any mobile storage medium like USB memory, a CD or a DVD.

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Dental x-ray

Dental x-ray

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