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Toothache relieve methodsToothache is one of the most irritating aches next to the earache. People who have never experienced a toothache can consider themselves lucky. Beside being very irritating, the intensity of the pain can vary from light and occasional, to pulsating to very strong continuous pain.

Patient’s natural teeth are the best and no other teeth can replace them in such a good way! This is the reason why one should take care of his natural teeth even when there is no pain, in order for them to stay healthy and functional. Weak or fading pain is the first sign for alarm that something is wrong with the tooth and that one should pay a visit to the dentist's as soon as possible. If pne doesn't react and the pain continues, a serious and constant toothache can develop, and it can be to late to save the tooth.

No pain is so unpleasant as toothache. It is body's natural alarm that something is wrong with your tooth. Visit the dentist ASAP!

When we say toothache, we mostly mean pain in the tooth, around the tooth or in the jaw, and it appears as a result of bad oral hygiene. In most cases the toothache is caused by dental disorders or diseases such as caries, tooth trauma, gum diseases and dental pulp inflammation.

Toothache can affect the nervous system which prevents a person to concentrate and function normally. When toothache appears, the only effective solution is to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Toothache always appears suddenly. Very often in the evening hours or when we are not able to see the dentist immediately. In such situations we seek for a quick remedy, weather it is a medicine or home remedy to relieve the toothache.

ToothacheWhen talking about alternative home remedies toothache relieve methods, we have to mention one of the methods that has been proven in an extensive scientific study ten years ago in Canada. Over 90% of the participants have confirmed that rubbing an ice-cube on the palm between the thumb and the forefinger 5 to 7 minutes relieves the pain considerably. This works because there are nerve endings on the treated place, and these are connected to the pain center in the brain. By cooling these nerve ends, we also cool the pain center and reduce the level of pain, which enables us to function normally until we can visit the dentist.

Beside this method there is a number of other home remedies methods, which are equally successful, but have never been scientifically proven. More information about toothache home remedies methods and the toothache itself can be found in our knowledge base.

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