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Rules for participation in Identalia Loyalty Card Program

Definition of terms

  1. Loyalty program is organized and conducted by Identalia Consulting Ltd., Petrovaradinska 1, Zagreb, VAT Reg No: 08894777677 (hereinafter referred to as Organizer).
  2. Identalia loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as „Loyalty program“) is a reward program for users of dental services of Identalia Group members operating according to Identalia’s rules (current member list is available on the website www.identalia.com).
  3. Any adult individual who has no permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia, and other individuals with the approval of the Organizers, who are already patients or customers of the dental offices and clinics that belong to Identalia Group, can become members of the Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as „Member“), provided they give their express permission and consent to join the Loyalty program.
  4. A member of the Loyalty program can use services of the companies and businesses that joined Identalia Loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as „Partner“). The list of Partners is available on the website www.identalia.com.


  1. You become a member of the Loyalty program by filling and signing the application form. A signed application form is to be submitted at the offices of the Identalia Group members.
  2. In accordance with these Rules Members earn points which can be exchanged for prizes defined by the organizer. List of prizes will be regularly published and updated on the website www.identalia.com.
  3. Loyalty program is not used for entertainment purposes. The outcome of rewarding in this program is certain and every member who as a participant of the Loyalty program meets the requirements of these rules will be eligible for a discount and/or a reward.

Reward points

  1. A member is entitled to 10 points upon joining the Loyalty program.
  2. With every payment for products and services in any member of the Identalia Group, Member is entitled to the number of points corresponding to 1% (one percent) of the paid invoice expressed in euro (according to the medium exchange rate of CNB). Points are issued upon payment (for part of the invoice, in proportional amount).
  3. The Organizer can at any time allocate a certain number of points to the Member. They will be issued to the Member’s account and can then be used under the same conditions as other earned points.
  4. The earned points are added to the Member's account. The number of points to be issued is rounded to two decimal places. In the case of invoices with a negative amount, points are not issued to the Member’s account.
  5. Only points that are issued to the Member's account can be used. Points can be used up to two years after they are issued. Upon the expiration of this period unused points will be forfeited.
  6. Points earned in the Loyalty program cannot be exchanged for cash or bank account payout.
  7. Once used points cannot be restored into Loyalty program.
  8. One Member can transfer collected points to another Member only if the person is part of the immediate family (life partner, spouse, children). In doing so one does not change their expiration date. The decision to transfer points will be submitted by the Member personally to the Organizer in written form and certified.

Using reward points

  1. A Member can exchange reward points for prizes, according to predefined point values.
  2. The number of points needed for payment of goods and/or services, and certain conditions and periods of availability, are defined in the description of rewards available through regular Loyalty newsletters and on the website www.identalia.com.
  3. Offer of goods and/or service outlets that accept Identalia loyalty card is subject to changes and restrictions at any time. Reward points must be used in accordance with these Rules and information concerning Loyalty program.
  4. Upon exchanging points for a reward, i.e. paying for goods and/or services, exchanged points are forfeited from the Member's account. When exchanging the reward points the oldest points issued to Member's account will be used first, which means that the very first issued points will be the first ones used.

Identalia loyalty card

  1. Identalia loyalty card is used to achieve benefits of the Loyalty program, and in accordance with these Rules. The issuer and the owner of the Identalia loyalty card is the Organizer of the Loyalty program.
  2. Identalia loyalty card is issued to Member’s name and surname and has its unique number. The card is non-transferable, and the Member is prohibited to give it to someone else for further use.
  3. Using Identalia loyalty cards is limited to the available balance of points.

Loss, damage and termination of rights to use Identalia loyalty cards

  1. In the case of loss or theft of the Identalia loyalty card, the Member is required to report its disappearance by sending an e-mail to loyalty@identalia.com. Upon reporting the loss, the Organizer will issue a new card for free and send it to the Member with previously earned and unused points transferred to the new card.
  2. In the case of termination of use of the card due to damage or change of personal data, the Member is required to submit the existing card to the Organizer, and the Organizer will issue a new card for free to which all previously earned and unused points will be transferred.
  3. The organizer may at any time, without prior notice, temporarily (or permanently) deny the Member the right to use the Loyalty card, if the Member fails to comply with these Rules. The Organizer is not obliged to explain his decision to the Member.
  4. The Member must not use the card or do anything else to impair the reputation of the Organizer or the Loyalty program.
  5. A Member may lose the right to participate in the program as well as all earned points if he violates the Rules at any time.
  6. With the termination of the Loyalty program participation the Member is obligated to return his loyalty card to the Organizer.

Consent for the processing and protection of personal data

  1. Personal data of the Members are collected, processed and used in accordance with the consent of the users listed on the application form, in compliance with regulations for protection of personal data, including, but not limited to, the personal data protection act.
  2. The Organizer will inform the Member about the status of his membership in the Loyalty program, benefits he can use as well as the activities of the Loyalty Program Partners via e-mail, text messaging or other means.

Final regulations

  1. It is considered that the Member of the Loyalty program has accepted these Rules for participation in the Loyalty program, that he is familiar with their content and that he fully accepts them, if within 8 days of receiving his Identalia loyalty card he does not cancel his membership and does not return his Identalia loyalty card.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules at any time, in part or in full, with the right to cancel the whole Loyalty program at any time, and the right to cancel the rewarding of its members and change available rewards at any time.
  3. The Organizer will inform the Members of any change to these Rules accordingly. The current rules are available on the website www.identalia.com.
  4. Notifications sent to the last postal or e-mail address which the Member reported to the Organizer are considered validly delivered.
  5. In the event of any disputes Croatian laws shall apply, with the local court jurisdiction in Zagreb.

Zagreb, January 1st 2020