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Conservative dentistry in Croatia

Conservative dentistry
Conservative dentistry is the fundamental branch of dentistry dealing with general health of oral cavity and teeth. When we talk about conservative dentistry, we primarily think of beautiful, healthy and functional teeth.

Conservative dentistry comprises a few elementary procedures:

  • removal of tartar and plaque
  • treatment of caries
  • restoration of teeth with fillings
  • restoration of teeth with inlays and onlays

Natural teeth are the best teeth! This is the reason why one should regularly visit the dentist for check-ups and maintain oral hygiene.

Each consumption of food and beverages exposes our teeth to different chemical reactions in the oral cavity. Exactly those chemical reactions are responsible for tartar and plaque scaling on the surface of the teeth. By regular maintenance of oral hygiene we can slow down the accumulation of scaling, but we cannot stop it completely. Scaling is the main cause for a number of periodontal diseases like caries and periodontitis. It is therefore very important to visit the dentist every 6 months and let him remove tartar and plaque to prevent dental diseases as well as diseases of the structures that support the teeth.

Dental hygieneCaries is the most widespread disease worldwide. This bacterial infection attacks hard dental tissues like enamel, cement and dentin. After consumption of food and drinks, carbohydrates create acids during its decomposition in the oral cavity. Those acids mostly attach themselves to the enamel and lead to decline of pH value in the mouth. When the pH value falls under 5.5, a process of demineralization of the hard dental tissue starts. Caries is a disease that advances very slowly and it is very hard for us to detect it in time. If left untreated, this disease will advance through the enamel to the cementum, dentin, and finally to the root canal and tooth pulp within the canal. If this occurs, it is most likely that the tooth will be lost.

If during dentist detects caries during a regular checkup, the tooth can usually be treated. The dentist will remove infected tissue and restore the tooth using different methods, depending on the advancement of caries at that moment. To restore smaller defects, composite fillings are used, and for greater damages inlay and onlay ceramic dental restorations are used, depending which part of the tooth was infected with caries.

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