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Cosmetic dentistry in Croatia

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Cosmetic dentistryIn modern society cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more important. The dentistry is primarily focused on functioning of the teeth and their supporting apparatus, but today not only health and functionality count but aesthetic value as well. Beautiful and bright smile will open many doors for you, in private as well as business life. People are becoming more and more aware of the fact that beauty plays a role and are therefore looking for services, that will ensure them beautiful and white teeth.

People with a bright smile are more successful privately and professionaly since their confidence level is significantly higher compared to the people who don't smile as often.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a whole range of solutions to restore the original beauty of the teeth or to create a new one, and services that are a part of cosmetic dentistry are:

  • composite fillings
  • teeth polishing
  • teeth sandblasting
  • teeth bleaching
  • veneers
  • dental jewelry

Teeth whiteningRestoration of teeth using composite fillings has completely replaced amalgam as a material, because of its harmfulness and insufficient aesthetic value. For teeth to remain healthy and beautiful, most patients get tartar and plaque removed twice a year. The teeth are first sandblasted, and then they are polished. The procedure itself is very simple and both treatments last a maximum of 60 minutes in total. Teeth whitening tries to restore the natural color of the teeth which is compromised by some bad life habits. If bleaching does not give us the desired results, we can still use veneers to achieve a shade lighter than the shade of the natural teeth.

Younger generations like to individualize their appearance and stick out in the crowd. Cosmetic dentistry offers teeth decoration which makes patient’s smile unique. We can place a precious or a semi precious stone, depending on the wish of the patient, on the surface of the tooth without any damage to enamel. Also, the stone can be easily removed upon patient's request.

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