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Cosmetic dentistry - questions and answers

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that takes care of the beauty of our smile. It covers a number of procedures that will restore the natural beauty of the teeth or provide new one.

A beautiful smile is important for self-confidence and quality of life. It can open new doors in our social, as well as professional life.

Composite fillings, in addition to repairing damaged teeth are very important for the aesthetic value of the tooth. Because of their white color, that matches the natural color of teeth, they are completely undetectable and will not damage the beauty of the smile.

Teeth polishing is a classic mechanical cleaning of the teeth, which involves fluoride paste and a special rotating brush that polishes each tooth.

Scaling of tartar and plaque that can't be removed by usual cleaning or polishing is removed using special equipment for sandblasting. It cleans the tooth by ejecting fine sodium bicarbonate powder under high pressure. This procedure is not harmful for the teeth, nor will it damage enamel or gums in any way.

Teeth sandblasting is totally harmless and will not in any way damaged the enamel or gums. It's possible that the gums will become a bit irritated, but massaging the gums with a special paste removes the redness in a few days.

There are several teeth whitening procedures depending on the level of teeth discoloration. You can read all about ways and methods of teeth whitening.

When the teeth move from its natural position in any direction or if they are rotated, it is best to straighten them using braces.

A mild gap between teeth is necessary for maintenance of oral hygiene, but when the gaps are too wide, the problem can be solved using veneers.

There are a number of elements that are used as dental jewelry, but mostly semi precious and precious stones. Placement of dental jewelry does not damage the tooth nor the enamel.

Dental jewelry can be removed by light grinding. In that case only the stone is grinded up to the enamel without damaging the enamel. When removed, the tooth is polished, and remains the same as before.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

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