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Dental bridges in Croatia

Loss of one tooth or a few teethNatural teeth don't need to be snowy white to be beautiful. Beautifully shaped and healthy teeth arranged in a dental arch can provide the same beautiful smile.

When a tooth or more teeth are lost due to trauma or disease, dental arch can be interrupted. The gap can not only undermine the beauty of the smile, but also impair the health and function of the entire oral cavity.

The lack of several teeth in the dental arch is usually restored with a dental bridge. A dental bridge is an excellent and aesthetically very acceptable long-term solution.

If a dental arch is interrupted, it's very important to start with the restoration as soon as possible not to compromise the neighboring teeth. Modern dentistry offers several ways of quality restoration for dental arch, and the choice of the method mostly depends on the wishes and possibilities of the patient.

Bridge placement on prepared natural teeth

When restoring dental arch with one or more missing teeth, an economic and quality solution can be a dental bridge. The bridge comprises of at least 3 dental crowns mutually connected. Both end crowns in the bridge have the role of the bridge abutments and are fixed to prepared natural teeth or to placed dental implants.

Dental bridge
  • Bridge placement on prepared natural teeth - although this is economically very acceptable option, neighboring healthy teeth need to be sacrificed in order to anchor the bridge to them. The best teeth are natural teeth, and destroying 2 healthy neighboring teeth by grinding them in order to replace the lost teeth is not the best option for the patient nor the best the modern dentistry can offer.
  • Bridge placement on dental implants - if 3 or more teeth are missing this is definitely the best option because neighboring healthy teeth stay intact. Although placement of a bridge on dental implants is a more expensive option, it is definitely a high quality one and a long-term solution for the patient.

When making prosthetic works we use high-end materials, zirconium and e.max ceramics. All our prosthetic works have a 5-year warranty.

When the patient decides for a method of dental arch restoration, the dentist prepares the tooth, makes dental impression of the patient’s bite and sends it to the dental laboratory. The dental laboratory fabricates a bridge with crowns using the impression, so that it perfectly fits the patient’s jaw. The precision obtained this way is crucial for the functionality and the aesthetics of the final product.

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