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Dental bridges - questions and answers

Dental bridge is a dental restoration used when the dental arch lacks one or more teeth. The bridge is a fixed partial denture that closes the dental arch gap and recovers the full functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.

Dental bridge can replace one or more teeth depending on the method used to fix it to the jaw. Maximum number of teeth restored with one dental bridge will be defined by the dentist during the first visit and consultation.

Dental bridge can be fixed in two ways, onto prepared natural teeth or placed dental implants.

In order to fix it to natural teeth, two neighboring healthy teeth must be grinded. If it's possible to place the bridge on dental implants, then this is definitely the best option to protect natural teeth from unnecessary destruction.

Dental bridges are made by dental laboratory technicians based on a previously taken dental impression. The bridge is then tested and adjusted until it fits perfectly to the abutment and the jaw.

If a patient feels discomfort during biting, speaking or constantly, he should immediately see the dentist who placed the bridge to adjust it.

A bridge is a fixed partial denture and the patient feels it as his own natural teeth. It is permanently fixed to the bridge abutment and patient's jaw. Transfer of chewing forces and amortization will be the same as with natural teeth.

life span of the bridge is very hard to determine. It mostly depends on the quality of bridge fabrication, materials used and life habits of the patient as well as his oral hygiene.

A dental bridge is maintained in a similar way as natural teeth are. Everyday oral hygiene and regular tartar and plaque removal will ensure a longer life span of the dental bridge.

Feeling of pain after dental bridge placement is possible, but the pain can be only temporary. Getting used to new teeth can last a few days and most of the patients feel a bit uncomfortable during that period because of a foreign body in their oral cavity. Usually, the feeling disappears after a few day, and the teeth feel as natural.

Placement of a dental bridge on dental implants is usually more expensive because of the price of dental implants. In order to place a bridge at least two implants, as abutment teeth, are needed. This way, we keep 2 natural teeth and the bridge is made of two crowns less, which doesn't make big price difference in the end.

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Dental bridges

Dental bridges

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