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Dentures in Croatia

DenturesGreat number of people face the loss of natural teeth. The loss may occure due to a periodontal diseases or trauma, but regardless of the cause, most of the patients have problem accepting it, mainly due to impaired aesthetics of the mouth and smile. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of them thinks of functional deficiencies and the consequences of tooth loss.

A gap created in the dental arch due to natural tooth loss carries a whole number of problems with it, and the patient could face them in the future if the gap isn't filled with a dental crown. Some of the possible problems are:

  • recession of gums
  • resorption (deterioration) of dental bone
  • collapsing of the neighboring teeth
  • irregular bite
  • speech problems
  • sinus lowering (accompanying tooth loss in the upper jaw)

Fixed, semi fixed or removable dentures are used when the patient is missing more teeth. There is almost no situation in which they cannot be used!

To avoid such situations in patient’s mouth, it's necessary to restore the gap in the dental arch as soon as possible. Quality solutions are dental prosthesis or dentures, that will replace natural teeth.

When we talk about dentures, it is important to know that there are fixed, semi fixed and removable dentures. The choice of dentures lie on the patient, but an expert opinion of the dentist will be essential and depends on the state in the patient’s oral cavity.

When making prosthetic works we use high-end materials, zirconium and e.max ceramics. All our prosthetic works have a 5-year warranty.

Fixed denturesFixed dentures are a quality, reliable and long-term solution. In case of edentulous jaw, if the patient has enough jaw bone, dental implants are placed and fixed dentures are placed onto them. If the patient still has some of his teeth and there's no need for total dentures, partial dentures are fixed onto patient's natural teeth.

Semi fixed dentures are placed onto natural teeth or dental implants when ther's not enough space to place adequate number of implants for fixed dentures. These dentures can be removed for cleaning, but only by a dentist.

Removable dentures are the most cost-effective, but also least stable and solid solution. They can replace only part of the teeth that are missing or completely edentulous jaw. Adjustment to removable dentures lasts the longest.

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