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Dentures - questions and answers

Dentures are a dental restoration used to replace the loss of several teeth in a row when dental bridge isn't possible.

Dentures can replace a missing teeth row or restore edentulous jaw or both jaws. There are fixed, semi fixed and removable dentures.

In case of edentulous jaw the best solution is fixed dentures on dental implants. Such fixed prosthetic work is possible only if the patient's jaw has enough bone to place the dental implants.

Fixed dentures can also be fixed onto natural teeth of the patient, but to be completely sure, one must first visit the dentist and check the quality of the natural teeth and their stability.

Fixed dentures are definitely the best solution for teeth restoration. Once placed in the oral cavity they become one with the patient's jaw and they can't be removed. Such prosthetic work acts as patient's natural teeth and will give him the feeling of natural teeth that no other dentures could. Beside the natural feeling, fixed dentures are extremely reliable, strong and long-lasting and if maintained properly they can last a lifetime.

If there is not enough bone tissue in the patient's jaw to place fixed dentures it's possible to augment the bone with grafted bone. Each case is individual therefore a checkup and consultation with the dentist beforehand are necessary.

Dentures are intended for all people who lack several or all teeth. A large number of people, regardless of their age, have problems with their teeth for various reasons, such as genetic predisposition, disease or trauma that left them toothless. Dentures are adequate for teeth restoration regardless of the patient's age.

Fixed dentures cannot be removed since they are permanently fixed onto implants or natural teeth of the patient. Maintenance of fixed dentures isn't any different from maintenance of your natural teeth.

All-on-4 system is a semi fixed denture attached onto teeth implants. It restores edentulousness with only 4 implants in the jaw and is used when there's not enogh bone in the jaw for fixed denture on 6 implants.

RSemi fixed dentures cannot be removed by the patient. Only a dentist can remove it during regular checkup and cleaning.

Removable dentures are brushed, like natural teeth, using toothpaste. Your dentist will explain in detail how to store dentures during the night.

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