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Endodontics in Croatia

EndodonticsWithin the teeth there is an area we call the root canal. It contains the dental pulp which comprises the dental nerve, blood vessels and soft connective tissue. Dental pulp extends from the tooth crown up to the top of the tooth root. The nerve within the root is connected to the nervous system and leads directly to the center for pain within the brain. The role of the dental nerve is to send pain impulses to the pain center if there's something wrong with the tooth.

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with dental pulp health and tries to keep it alive and active as long as possible. Pulp is very important during teeth growth because the tooth gets everything it needs for its development through the pulp. When the tooth is completely developed, the dental pulp loses its primary function and serves mostly as a defense system and as an alarm if something is wrong with the tooth.

Treatment of tooth roots is one of the ways to preserve the root. The natural tooth root is the best for the patient and should therefore be preserved whenever possible.

The occurrence of pain is the first sign that something is wrong and that you should visit the dentist to determine the cause. The nerve within the root canal often signals penetration of bacteria inside the tooth. When bacteria enters the root canal, it usually leads to inflammatory processes of the dental pulp. If left untreated, the pulp will die out and it's therefore very important to start the treatment of the pulp on time.

Removal of dental pulpBacteria penetration mainly occurrs due to tooth fracture or penetration of caries into the root canal, and it leads to pulp disease and even to its withering. If the tooth pulp dies, it's very important to remove it from the root canal as soon as possible to avoid any further complications that could lead to complete loss of the tooth.

Removal of dental pulp is done through a few visits to the dentist in the following way:

  • endodontist makes an opening in the tooth crown
  • removes the pulp through the opening
  • cleans and shapes the root canal for better filling
  • puts a medication to restrain the inflammation and to disinfect the root canal
  • closes the tooth with a temporary filling with the medication inside the tooth
  • removes the temporary filling and the medication
  • root canals are being cleaned and disinfected
  • canal is filled with a filling and the tooth is permanently closed

The success of the treatment can differ from patient to patient, and the treatment procedure can be repeated a few times. If the tooth contains any secretion after removing the pulp, the tooth can be left opened for the secretion to come out, which will prolong the duration of the treatment.

Regardless of the loss of tooth pulp, the tooth can be saved and its functionality will not be compromised in any way. A natural tooth is the best tooth and it should be saved at any price, if it's possible.

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