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Inlay/Onlay in Croatia

Inlay and onlay dental restorationsInlay and onlay are dental restorations used in more quality oriented dental offices, when a tooth crown needs a more complex restoration. They are an alternative to conservative dentistry when thinking about complete restoration of a dental crown. In situations when preservation of the natural tooth crown is compromised with caries decay, inlay and onlay are a great alternative.

Filling is in general a good solution for restoration of a minor damage to the dental crown, but it often cannot restore bigger damages. To avoid complete replacement of a dental crown and preserve healthy dental tissue from further decay, we use inlay and onlay. These ceramic supplements have excellent functional and aesthetic properties.

Dental crown destroyed by caries or other dental disease can be successfully restored by an inlay or onlay ceramic restoration.

Inlay - if only one tooth surface (upper or lateral) is damaged, inlay is a sufficient restoration. It completely closes the opening in the tooth and strengthens tooth structure

Onlay - if a tooth has both upper and lateral surface damaged, we use onlay for restoration, which will, apart from closing the opening, also strenghten the tooth structure and increase the tooth stability.

When making prosthetic works we use high-end materials, zirconium and e.max ceramics. All our prosthetic works have a 5-year warranty.

Advantages of inlay and onlay restorations are:

  • Perfect fit - they are fabricated in a dental laboratory from the impression of a prepared tooth and ensure a perfect fit to the natural tooth closing all damaged parts.
  • Color - the color of the restoration is adjusted to the natural color of the patient’s tooth in the dental lab. Materials are resistant to discoloration and it ensure a long-term high aesthetic quality of the tooth.
  • Dental tissue saving - when placing it only the damaged part of dental tissue has to be removed, and the rest of the natural tooth stays intact. Using natural tooth as a base for the restoration will fully restore tooth's function.
  • Easier brushing - perfect fit to the natural tooth will eliminate all risky parts where food could be collected and thus lead to recurrence of cavities.
  • Placement on less accessible places - they can be placed to less accessible places which cannot be restored by a filling. It is especially applicable for the damages between two teeth.
  • Strength and stability - inlay and onlay are very strong and stable and will greatly contribute to the overall stability of the tooth, which was disturbed by caries.

Fabrication of inlay or onlay restorationFor fabrication and placement of inlay or onlay restoration usually two visits to the dentist’s office will suffice. During the first visit the dentist will remove damaged dental tissue, clean the tooth and the opening and take an impression of the prepared tooth. The technician in the dental lab will fabricate inlay or onlay according to the impression and will also adjust the shape and color to match the patient’s natural tooth.

During the second visit, the dentist will clean the prepared tooth thoroughly, check the position and the fit, and if everything is OK, he will cement the restoration onto the patient’s tooth. An element placed in such manner becomes one with the natural tooth and makes an unbreakable bond.

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