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Metal-ceramic dental crowns in Croatia

Dental crowns are one of the most widespread dental restorationsDental crowns are one of the most widespread dental restorations. They are used frequently and for restoring teeth in all parts of the oral cavitiy.

Simply said, a dental crown is a "cap" used to cover a damaged tooth. It can be placed on a natural tooth or a dental implant.

When it's necessary to restore a lost dental crown with a resilient and economic solution, metal-ceramic crown is the best solution.

If a tooth is damaged, we place a crown on it to protect it from further damage and decay. Dental crown can be placed immediately if a tooth is:

  • broken
  • badly damaged by caries
  • of irregular shape
  • shifted from it’s natural position

Artificial dental crowns are also placed on dental implants if a natural tooth is completely lost.

When making prosthetic works we use high-end materials, zirconium and e.max ceramics. All our prosthetic works have a 5-year warranty.

Metal-ceramic dental crownsModern dentistry uses all-ceramic crowns or crowns made of combination of metal and ceramics. Metal-ceramic crowns are very often the choice of patients because of their very good price-quality ratio. Although aesthetically not at the same level as all-ceramic crowns, their physical properties are of the same quality.

Metal-ceramic crowns are very strong, resistant and long-lasting, and can be made of a combination of several metal alloys depending on the patient’s wish and compatibility of the individual metal with the immune system of the patient. Most commonly used combinations in the practice are:

  • White gold and ceramics - white gold is a biocompatible material which almost never causes allergic reactions. It is often used in rear regions where strong chewing forces prevail, and especially in restoration of molars and premolars.
  • Titanium and ceramics - titanium the same as white gold can very rarely cause allergic reactions. This material is very light, strong and resistant to aggressive acids forming in the oral cavity.
  • Metal (chrome, cobalt, nickel) and ceramics - in economically optimal combinations these three types of metal are used. Prior to their use we have to test if the patient has any allergic reactions to these metals. Metal forms the base of the crown, and is totally covered with ceramics and therefore the metal part is not visible after placement of the crown.

Metal-ceramic crowns are a very good choice when we talk about restoration of the complete jaw. With regular and quality maintenance of oral hygiene it can be a very long-term and economically acceptable solution for restoration of complete jaw.

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