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Metal-ceramic dental crowns - questions and answers

Metal-ceramic crowns are dental restorations used for the tooth crown. The base of the crown is made of metal alloy, which is fully covered with a layer of ceramics.

For fabrication of metal-ceramic crowns a few different precious metals can be used. We mostly use white gold, titan, nickel, chrome or cobalt.

Titan and white gold are biocompatible materials, which are very well accepted by the immune system. Although allergic reactions are possible, they are very rare and these materials are therefore often used.

If we find out that the patient is allergic to some metals, we can always use other materials, which do not endanger patient's health or we can use metal-free crowns made of all-ceramics.

Life span of a metal-ceramic crown depends on the quality of fabrication and level of maintenance of oral hygiene after the placement. It is extremely important that the teeth are properly maintained and that the patient regularly visits the dentist for checkups and cleaning.

Maintenance of metal-ceramic crowns is no different than maintenance of natural teeth, which means regular brushing, flossing and use of mouthwash. It's also necessary to remove tartar every 6 months.

When the crown is placed in the jaw, it is fully covered with a layer of ceramics since ceramic binds with the gums. Therefore the metal base is not visible at all.

Metal-ceramic crowns are adequate for restoration of the teeth in the rear part of the mouth. They are very strong and resistant to chewing forces, and we also use them for restoring molars and premolars.

All-ceramic crowns are more expensive because of the price of material they are made of, and their fabrication is more complex and it also requires more time.

Ceramic crowns have higher aesthetic value from metal-ceramic crowns. The reason for it is, that the metal in the metal-ceramic crown is not translucent as natural teeth and the teeth therefore look a bit darker. All-ceramic crowns contain no metal which would block translucence, so that the light is refracting and reflecting back, as with a natural tooth.

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Metal-ceramic dental crowns

Metal-ceramic dental crowns

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