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Oral surgery in Croatia

Oral surgeryOral surgery is an interdisciplinary branch of dentistry. It unites surgical procedures and diagnostics of injuries and diseases of the oral cavity. No matter whether it is functional or aesthetic defects and problems you're having, there is a solution.

This is one of the most complex branches of dentistry, and it comprises procedures like:

  • placement of dental implants
  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • apicoectomy or root end surgery
  • jaw trauma
  • jaw correction
  • bone augmentation
  • sinus lift

50% of adults suffer from painful wisdom teeth eruption. This problem can be solved in only 10 minutes by a minimal surgical procedure under local anesthesia!

Of course, oral surgery is not limited only to mentioned procedures. There is a number of other less complex procedures like: removing cysts, complicated extraction of teeth and residual roots, removal of impacted and retained teeth, etc.

Oral surgery is a specific branch of dentistry applied by oral surgery specialists. They, in addition to formal education in the field of dentistry, are expected to gain further knowledge in the field of general surgery. It's very important that the doctor who carries out these surgeries has adequate qualifications.

Wisdom teeth extractionIn addition to dental implants placement, the most frequent procedure in oral surgery is wisdom teeth extraction. About 50% of the world’s population suffers great pain during eruption of wisdom teeth, which are the last teeth to emerge in the jaw. Eruption of wisdom teeth is painful, mostly due to lack of space in the jaw. During eruption, the wisdom tooth bumps into neighboring teeth and causes constant pain. In a matter of minutes, an oral surgeon surgicaly removes the wisdom tooth and closes the wound. This way the patient is permanently relieved from the pain and the tooth won't be missed both functionally and aesthetically.

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