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Orthodontics - questions and answers

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with alignment of irregular position of the teeth and mutual relation of the upper and lower jaw.

Orthodontics is meant for all age groups. One should start taking care of the chewing apparatus from early on, but orthodontics can also help adults with special solutions adjusted to their age.

Orthodontic braces is an assembly of elements, which are placed on the patient's teeth with the goal of straightening the position of the teeth in order to ensure the maximum functionality of the chewing apparatus and it's further development.

Irregular position of the teeth does not have to cause pain or discomfort, but it can trigger many other problems, like: irregular bite, speech difficulties, hard maintenance of oral hygiene, breathing problems and similar. Adjusting the position of the teeth all these problems will disappear and the patient will, in addition to full teeth functionality, also have a significant aesthetic advantage.

Children can wear all types of braces, depending on the diagnosis by the orthodontist. In most cases they use mobile braces.

Adult patients use only fixed braces.

Patients of all ages can benefit from wearing orthodontic braces, but the level of success is individual. The best results are usually achieved with children and youth.

Orthodontic braces are classified as fixed and mobile. Fixed braces are in the mouth of a patient for 24 hours a day, whereas mobile braces can be removed during the night.

Duration of therapy is individual and it depends on the diagnosis given by the orthodontist. For further information one should visit and consult the orthodontist.

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