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Pediatric dentistry in Croatia

Pediatric dentistryOral health should be important form early on. A special branch of dentistry taking care of oral health of the children from their birth till their adolescent years is called pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentistry also takes care of oral health of persons with special needs outside their adolescent years.

Children’s health is very fragile because of their weak immune system that is still developing and they are therefore more exposed to bacterial infections than adults with fully developed immune system. Children adore sweets, which are rich in sugar, and sugar is the main culprit for development of caries. For that reason, it is very important to develop a habit of going to the dentist and maintaining dental hygiene at an early age.

Care for child's teeth development begins shortly after birth. Regular checkups of teeth and jaw development of a child is essential for later on!

Milk teeth, although temporary, are very important for a correct formation of the jaw and supporting structures of the tooth. If you don't pay enough attention to it irregular or incomplete eruption of permanent teeth can occur. First preventive dentist appointment should be before the age of 7, for the child to get acquainted with the dentist, the office, the equipment and the staff. It is also very important that during the first visit nothing is done that could cause fear. The first visit should be relaxed, full of fun and laughter. It is also very important that the parents don't have dental fear, because they could transfer their fear to their child.

First preventive examination at the dentist’sMilk teeth are very sensitive and if caries appears on them, it should be removed and restored using a filling. If the teeth are irregular or rotated, it is necessary to fabricate tailored dental braces as soon as possible in order to align and straighten the teeth. This way we ensure regular jaw development and development of supporting structures of the teeth, while it is still relatively easy.

If a child is training a contact sport or if it is only lively, we recommend fabrication of a special dental guard in order to prevent possible fractures of the teeth during their development. Various injuries during childhood are almost inevitable and we therefore need to think preventive in order to protect the teeth and the jaw.

Quality care and concern for the child's milk teeth will ensure proper development and growth of permanent teeth, both functionally and aesthetically. A beautiful and bright smile is created during your whole life, and parent’s influence while growing up is of utmost importance.

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