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Teeth whitening - questions and answers

Teeth whitening is a process in which we try to recover the natural white color of the teeth.

The tooth consists of the hard and soft dental tissue. Soft dental tissue consists of nerves and blood vessels present in the tooth root, while hard dental tissue consists of dentin and enamel. The hard dental tissue is the one changing it's color.

  • Dentin - makes the inner layer of the hard tissue, and is naturally of yellowish or grayish color. It is the basis of the dental crown and it protects the tooth root and all soft tissues
  • Enamel - consists of the outer layer of the hard dental tissue and is responsible for the teeth's shine. Enamel, beside aesthetic value, has a very important role when we talk about protecting your teeth from all the external influences. It is naturally white or some shade of white.

The natural color is defined by the color of dentin and the layer of enamel. When enamel becomes thinner because of its use, the color of dentin can be seen trough it. Besides, micro particles enter the micro fractures of the enamel and change the color of the teeth.

Teeth whitening can be done in a dental office under the supervision of a dentist or by a self-whitening kits that can be bought in any better equipped local pharmacy. The dentists usually sandblast the teeth or use a special whitening gel to bleach the teeth with the ZOOM! lamp. Before making a decision on the method of whitening one should consult with a dentist.

The color after whitening is limited by the color of your natural teeth. In an ideal case the shade of white after whitening will be close to the original color of natural teeth, but to achieve snow white if natural teeth have never been like that simply will not be possible through whitening.

Sets for teeth whitening available in all pharmacies are meant to be used at home. Although they are foreseen for home usage, it is recommended to consult the dentist and remove tartar and plaque before whitening, in order to get better results.

Whitening with the ZOOM! lamp will give the best results. The whiteness you will get varies from patient to patient and is never the same. Teeth whitening with the ZOOM! lamp gives you on average 8 shades whiter teeth.

Using the ZOOM! lamp for teeth whitening is completely safe. The method is scientifically proven and is used successfully and without any consequences for years.

Special glasses are used during the treatment in order to protect patient's eyes for possible bad influences of the blue light of the ZOOM! lamp.

Frequent consumption of red wine can influence the color of your teeth. The effect is not the same for everyone and the level of it is individual.

The natural color of the teeth can be retained with regular maintenance regardles of the daily consumption of coffee in moderate quantities. Besides being dark, the coffee is also hot and it can therefore enter the micro fractures, appearing in the enamel over the years, easier.

Smokers are usually more prone to teeth discoloration because the cigarette smoke contains tar which can penetrate into the micro fractures in the enamel. It is black by its nature and it therefore quickens the natural process of teeth discoloration.

It would be best if the patient would consume things that are healthy for him/her and his/her teeth, and to avoid all the bad things, but that decision must be made individually. To change some bad life habits would definitely be the step towards healthy and beautiful teeth.

The duration of whitening effect depends on many factors. It mostly depends on patient's habits and on his willingness to change them. Results can be visible for a few years if regular oral hygiene is maintained and if the patient gets tartar and plaque removed from his teeth at least once in 6 months.

Teeth whitening is not harmful for your health if done under dentist's supervision. Regardless of the whitening method and how often it is applied, it is necessary to do it under supervision and consultation with your dentist.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

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