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Veneers in Croatia

Individually fabricated teeth coatingsBeautiful, bright, white celebrity smiles while walking the red carpet have always made the public jealous, but only a few people ask themselves, how come they all have so beautiful teeth. The reason is very simple, and it's that 70% of celebrities can thank modern dentistry for their bright smiles.

Veneers are the ones that bring us a beautiful and bright smile.

Veneers are thin ceramic replacements, which are placed on natural teeth of the patient. They are the ones blamed for a so called – Hollywood smile!

Veneers are very thin, individually fabricated teeth coatings. We can compare them to artificial nails, but for teeth! Excellent aesthetic properties are their best characteristic. Natural whiteness of the ceramics and it’s translucence allows them to perfectly imitate natural teeth. Beside their excellent aesthetic properties, veneers are very resistant, long-lasting and strong, which makes them ideal solution for removal of minor flaws of the natural teeth. They are mostly used for restoration of teeth in the frontal region of both jaws, and have recently also found their usage in the rear region.

Veneers are mostly used in following situations:

  • Discoloration or staining - strong discoloration or staining cannot be removed with common teeth bleaching methods. Veneers are a quick, effective and permanent solution for solving these problems.
  • Damaged teeth or chipping of the tooth - chipping of the tooth or damaged enamel are a very common problem among patients. Damage can occur due to trauma or greater wear of the tooth from teeth grinding during sleep.
  • Crooked teeth or space between the teeth - although crooked teeth and spaces between teeth are mostly orthodontic problems, there are situations when it is more efficient and quicker to restore the teeth using veneers.

When making prosthetic works we use high-end materials, zirconium and e.max ceramics. All our prosthetic works have a 5-year warranty.

VeneersSome patients can restore natural color of their teeth with different bleaching procedures, but with some patient the discoloration is so great that common bleaching methods will not suffice in restoring the natural whiteness. Tooth discoloration is a big problem in dentistry, and is a result of bad life habits and speedy life rhythm. During the years teeth can change their color drastically. Frequent consumption of colored beverages like coffee or red wine contribute greatly to teeth discoloration. If we also count smoking, then a naturally white teeth do not have that good chances to stay white.

The procedure of veneers placement implies removal of a thin layer of enamel by grinding it about 0,5 mm. When the layer of enamel is removed, a tooth impression is taken and a veneer is made according to it in a dental laboratory. Veneers are checked, placed in their ideal position and cemented to the tooth.

Veneers present a long-term solution for most of the patients under the condition that the oral hygiene is regularly maintained. Besides, one should visit the dentist 2 times a year for a regular checkup. During the visit the dentist will remove the tartar and plaque, which will additionally prolong the lifetime of veneers, and give the patient a bright smile in the following years!

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