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“I discovered Invisalign directly at Identalia during the first appointment. The idea of straightening my teeth with a completely invisible treatment led me to get a treatment plan and considering the results I expect, the expense is completely worth it.”

Massimiliano, Ferrara

“I decided to start my experience with Invisalign as I find it is an excellent novelty from an aesthetic and practical point of view. I didn't have any problems at all. The treatment is not painful, on the contrary, sometimes I forget to have the aligners on and they continue to do their job.”

Claudia, Cormons

“I chose Invisalign, the innovative and invisible solution that allows you to experience daily life with the freedom to smile and do all the activities without problems. Dr. David is very professional and helpful and I am fully satisfied.”

Domenico, Tortona

“Having problems with malocclusion, I chose Identalia and the Invisalign treatment following the advice of friends. Dr David explained to me in great detail the treatment process. I am very satisfied. The aligners are excellent, I hardly feel them and they are practically invisible.”

Gianni, Bastiglia

“It seems like a dream!! Their work is amazing, they’re professionals; excellent cleanliness, and good prices. Further more, free accommodation, dinner at a restaurant, bowling night and lots more. Zagreb is a beautiful city, very inexpensive and there are great places where you can eat.”

Riccardo, Livorno

“I am completely satisfied with the kindness, hospitality, and professionalism of the entire medical staff which guided me patiently throughout this entire experience. THANK YOU!”

Rosalba, Oleggio

“Doctors in this polyclinic have a high level of professionalism; organization and focus on the customer are impeccable.”

Davide, Varese

Wonderful hospitality. They’re a bit fast (in comparison with italian dentists), but the results are exceptional.”

Maura, Osimo

“I’ve started living again!

Ida, Villafranca Piemonte

I feel like a completely new woman. Thank you for everything. You’re wonderful!”

Rosa, Castelletto Ticino

“They welcomed us nicely, the organization is great and they are all very kind. The staff is very cordial, professional, and disciplined. Their offers are well under those of italian dentists, to our great relief. ”

Bruno, Sedriano

“Extremely high level of professionality and so much kindness from all of the staff. You have truly manged to bring back a smile to my face.”

Ennio, Boves

“Even though I only accompanied a friend I was very impressed with organization and professionalism of the entire staff. I’ve already started to recommend this clinic to my friends!”

Alina, Raggiolo

“In this clinic I felt comfortable because of the given professionality and availability. I'm very satisfied with the work they have done.”

Barbara, Cologno Monzese

“I came to your studio in January 2013 afraid and with different types of dental problems. But I started my treatments, and I continued them with so much enthusiasm. You are very professional, capable and kind. Doctors and the rest of the staff. Thank you so much for your availability.”

Donatella, Vigevano

“During the necessary and wanted treatments they have treated me with exceptional professionality, kindness and they were constantly at my disposal. It was an experience which exceeded my expectations.”

Tiziana, Ferrara

“In this clinic I have found exceptional professionality, cordiality and availability, qualities which I consider important for good service. Extremely qualified personnel, scrupulous and very honest in their work.”

Marco, Varese

“After a lot of disadventures and disappointments from different dentists in Turin, I was bitter and have lost all hope. One day, through a friend, my brother heard of this dental practice. He went to Croatia to get his dental work done (implants, fillings...), and afterwards he was very enthusiastic about the whole thing. He didn't spend much, and was treated with professionality, kindness and hospitality. A ray of hope appeared and I made the phone call. After an acceptable offer, I went to Croatia. To my surprise, I was welcomed with a lot of hospitality, kindness and above all professionality. My dream of having beautiful teeth without spending too much came true!”

Dina, Turin

“I visited your clinic where I found a truly friendly atmosphere. At the beginning I was sceptical, but as time went by I was convinced by your professionality and capability in the dental department. I do have to say I was very satisfied with the work they've done and when I get back to Italy I will tell to all of my friends and family about the great quality-price ratio.”

Giuseppe, Padua

“To be honest, I was hesitant to come to Croatia to fix my teeth... But we were wrong. We have encountered wonderful hospitality, Croats are very friendly and quite incredible. We found the entire experience very beautiful, not only because of the respect and kindness, but also because of the work well done. We will definitely bring other people to experience your hospitality... You have great assistents who are always available. You are truly unique. Thank you for everything.”

Cristina, Milan

“Dearest dentists, we want to thank you for your kindness, cordiality, availability and patience. Thank you for all the little, and yet big presents, that you gave us. What we liked the most was the fact that you never insisted on doing the work after you send us your offer. You gave us time to think. Thank you for everything!”

Sabrina and Massimo, Bologna

“Quality-price ratio – excellent.
Professionality of the medical team – excellent.
Organising skills (logistics, apartments, transport) – excellent.
My general judgement – excellent.
I will reccomend this practice to everyone. Wonderful humane and professional experience.”

Giuseppe, Varese

“My husband had teeth problems and after months of thinking about it we decided to come to Croatia by plane. Great welcome, beautiful apartment, amazing practice and doctors, beautiful Zagreb and great service. Thank you. But we still haven't finished because in the end I decided to get my teeth done.”

Barbara and Fabrizio, Poggio a Caiano

“We are a married couple, and we both have to make important dental works. After the first visit our impression was extremely positive. Beautiful welcome, modern and clean practice, competent and very professional personnel. Excellent hospitality. Now we have to face our second visit but for now we are extremely satisfied. A special applause to travel companions for their availability and kindness.”

Roberto and Rosalia, Pordenone

“I was very satisfied with the service and reception in the practice and professionality of the personnel. I will recommend everyone to visit this practice, it is very modern.”

Ivano, Venice

“I got to know this practice online. A year ago I went to Zagreb, and started my dental works. I've resolved my teeth problems, and the availability of the entire personnel made me feel comfortable. I advise you to go and get to know the entire staff and all the treatments and services they offer.”

Marusca, Florence

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